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1 Armenia - Analytical Assessment Report

Dr. Aram Vartikyan , Author ; Larisa Avetisyan , Co Author ;

Published On: 7/6/2016 12:59:24 PM

Volume : 1 , Issue : 1 Pages : 4-32
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ARMENIA - Analytical Assessment Report

(Report is prepared by Dr. Aram Vartikyan and Larisa Avetisyan)

1) State of the Art of Migration Policy in Armenia

  1. Facts and Figures about Migration

Settlement changes have accompanied the humans during the whole history being one of the main elements conditioning the origin, existence and fall of states, societies, civilizations. Such changes in modern times are, more than ever, reflections of different evident or latent processes with their main or secondary factors. This is especially visible during the 20th century, which began and ended in the atmosphere of migrations.


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